How’d you get the name boxing worm?
Clay was stoned. And he had a very deep thought—if he was a worm, he wouldn’t get put on a fishing hook. He’d strap on some red boxing gloves and hit that fish in the face. Basically, punch above your weight class, don’t take no for an answer and always go out swinging.

Who’s the fastest?
Prolly, Luke or Ryan. Foot race to come.

Who can eat the most?
Clay. He ate a hot dog every day for a month.

What influences you guys?
Ryan likes dark books like comedy, stupid internet jokes and trends Requiem for Dream by Hubert Shelby. Luke is into hip-hop, fashion and minimal design and coasters from the many bars he frequents. Clay is always looking towards nature, vintage signs and hand-crafted design.

Are you guys educated?
Luke and Ryan went to the University of Missouri. Clay was raised in the wild.

Are you guys single?
Clay’s always single.

Are your pickles gluten free?
Every Boxing Worm Pickle is sustainably grown, locally sourced and ABSOLUTELY gluten free. This question was in the template. We just wanted to make everyone aware that we don’t fuck around when it comes to our pickles.

What do you guys like to do outside of advertising and design?
Clay’s a farmer and owns his own distillery. Ryan’s a jock and likes to write comedy sketches and short stories. Luke likes snowboarding and doing backflips into pools ‘n shit like that.